Reet’s Academy Training on Special Effects and Prosthetics Makeup

Reet’s Academy Training on Special Effects and Prosthetics Makeup – for TV, Film and Theatre.


Ageing, special effects and prosthetics for TV, Film and Theatre
Duration: 2weeks.


Reet’s Academy designed this course to help the student to come forward and learn the FX courses. We can understand these courses can be very expensive and some students will not come forward because of the cost.

We aim to keep the costs down and design the course to cater for all types of students who are keen learn.  Most of the kit material will be provided during the course (extra kit can be purchase during the course).

Please note these trainings are on a one to one basis to help you to

Items covered during the course:

  • Prosthetics is a fast‐moving area and the art of prosthetics requires a variety of specialist skills
  • Health and safety for prosthetics and special effects
  • Ageing make‐up using state‐of‐the‐art products
  • Bald cap application
  • Make cuts, wounds and scars in a variety of materials
  • Blood effect on face, neck and arm.
  • Remoulding casts ‐ using silicone to make multiple copies
  • Sculpting ‐ practical approach, blocking out form, refining, creating texture & detail
  • Moulding ‐ creating good edges, making moulds
  • Casting ‐ running (making) appliances in silicone and gelatine
  • Application ‐ technique & troubleshooting
  • Flat mould techniques
  • Silicone gun and sculpt gel
  • Bruising, burns and skin diseases
  • Applying silicone and gelatine wounds
  • Application of eye swelling and black eye bruising
  • Face mask
  • Cuts and bruises on face and arm
  • Our basic TV, Film and Theatre training includes prosthetics and special effects, but if you want to take things further, then take this course for specialist training, with tutors who are industry experts.

This two‐week course can be taken as an add‐on to the Diamond level course or as a course on its own.

A Reet’s Academy Certificate will be presented to all students on completion of this course.

FX beginner’s makeup kit will be given to all students with the essentials to start your own FX business.

We are offering a special offer for students that have attened the one day FX course. Please call for more details.

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